Web-based Data Automation

If you would like to share, view and communicate your engineering test data within your company or organisation, then Nprime Ltd can assist you with this using our web-based Data Automation products.

Using HBM nCode Data Automation® as a complete environment for automated data storage, analysis and reporting, this software tool provides a web-based data automation collaborative tool for sharing engineering test data and associated information throughout an organization.

Automation applies the same concepts used in business to engineering data, enabling data to be searched for trends and identifying relationships that can be used to make better engineering decisions. Automation is so intuitive that engineers can use it without having to learn the structure of the underlying database or how to programme in SQL. Report layouts can combine analysis to create a powerful graphical summary of data. Reports can even be scheduled at recurring intervals and engineers or managers can be notified via e-mail or text message including a link to the latest report.

Web-based data automation features an architecture providing a system which is scalable from the single desktop to a corporate-wide licence deployment. Automation has some of the best features in data management available:

wheel sensor telemetry installation

Testing and Automation

Test data generated from multi-channel data acquisition or recorders and rig test

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