19/7/2013 How Responsive Can You Be? We Are!

Nprime carried out an RLDA project on a tractor and trailer with telemetry to measure the performance and durability of the components on Millbrook Proving Ground and various road terrains.


Nprime was asked to conduct a data measurement with telemetry on a tractor truck fitted with new prop shaft. Nprime, being an engineering consultancy thrives on this type of projects, replied with the positive. The client needed the work to go ahead as soon as possible. The project had a dead line of 3 weeks from start to delivery of the result data. The only problem was the client did not have a tractor truck plus trailer available. Nor did Nprime have one!

To show our endeavour and commitment to our client, Nprime went ahead and bought a DAF XF 105 series truck plus a 40ft trailer (pictured attached) for the project. The tasks for this project were huge. We needed to dismantle the old components, strain gauge the required components, fit the telemetry collars on the prop-shaft and wheels, fit the new prop shaft, set up video GPS for the terrain analysis, weather station antenna and on-board eDAQ data acquisition system with various sensors to acquire the required data (pictures attached). All the vehicle tasks of preparation, setup, installation and testing were all available in our own workshop.

The vehicle had specified routes to travel from Milton Keynes to Sheffield, Milton Keynes to Millbrook Proving Ground and Sheffield to Newcastle upon Tyne and back. The data recorded from all instrumentation and sensors was checked online by the on-board engineer. The RLDA testing on the A1 and M1 Motorway and at Millbrook Proving Ground was specified and scheduled for the truck only and the truck and trailer with a load combination. As the vehicle was travelling, this data was transmitted to Nprime server in Sheffield for analysis.

The aim of the project was to assess the performance and durability of the components specified on the specification sheet. The result data will be used at the client test and development centre to optimise the components specified for further durability and design.

Well, not many companies would rise to the challlenge and be as reactive to this type of demand and succeed. Nprime has won its reputation for being one of the best engineering consultancies known for its responsiveness, efficient instrumentation and testing and fast turn-around of projects.

So whether you are in Vehicle Engineering Road Load Data, Component Testing, Telemetry or just Strain Gauge instrumentation, Nprime is a proven company with expertise that can assist you in your engineering projects. Should you wish to know more or need more information, please email Nprime on info@nprime.co.uk

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