30/1/2014 Shaft Instrumented and Calibrated by Nprime

In automotive testing, to obtain the correct reading from your torque measurement collection data, you need to instrument and calibrate correctly your shafts before testing.

Prop and Half Shaft Instrumentation, Telemetry Installation and Calibration Service

Nprime prides itself on its ability to be reactive to customer’s needs. Due to the long lead time it was taking us to instrument and calibrate our shaft torsional measurement requirements, a decision was taken to put in place our own calibration capability.

We now house our own calibration rig located in our laboratory in Sheffield. This rig can be used to calibrate any shaft up to 3 meters in length and 10kNm of torque capacity. We are also commencing to put in place an ability to go to 100kNm on a second separate rig.

Nprime can offer a complete service to collect, instrument and calibrate your half or prop shafts within 24 hours. The reference transducers is a high accuracy transducer. In conjunction with a DKD calibration certificate, this calibration achieves best class 0.05 per DIN 51309 or EA 10-14. The standard for this class requires a range of 40% to 100% of the nominal (rated) torque for the values of the measuring range.

This special service includes the installation of strain gauges, telemetry and speed encoders with full calibration service within 24 hours.

If required, customers can hire the telemetry equipments from Nprime including the speed encoders.  You can contact Nprime on info@nprime.co.uk 

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