15/4/2016 Caemax Multi-Channel Telemetry Products

Nprime is now offering advanced telemetry and sensors to the automotive industry.

Nprime via its partner IMC Test and Measurement GmbH can now offer the Caemax telemetry products to the engineering community.  Nprime is the reseller and support of the IMC and Caemax products.  With the Caemax fully digital DX telemetry is the ability to perform synchronous data acquisition with several transmitters in one single ISM band. With one single telemetry transmitter, up to six channels – e.g. two strain gauge full bridges or four half bridges or analogue signals or temperatures, can be transmitted. The max. sum sampling rate is 7.2 kHz. For further details on Caemax products including Wheel Force Transmitter (WFT) and Steering Effort Sensors, please contact Nprime on info@nprime.co.uk for further information. 


Caemax Multi-Channel Telemetry

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