Case Studies

Nprime Case studies are real projects undertaken by our engineering team

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of the case studies attached below in our selection of The World of Engineering datasheets.  Click to request More Information or to download the datasheets.  Call us on +44(0)1142 727 868 where we will be very happy to help you with your enquiry.  You can look up the following case studies:

  1. Automotive - Prop-shaft data acquisition using wireless telemetry.
  2. Wind Energy - Gearbox strain monitoring using telemetry.
  3. Railway - dynamic monitoring of strain and optimisation on escalator step.
  4. Oil & Gas - Data monitoring using Automation
  5. Railway - Engineering services in the rail industry
  6. Automotive - Strain measurement on hydraulic lift of truck
  7. Defence - Health and structural monitoring of armoured combat vehicle

Automotive Telemetry

Multichannel data acquisition using telemetry for prop-shaft torque and strain measurement and subsequent analysis in FEA durability.

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Railway Dynamic Data Acquisition

A study in the monitoring of stresses and foot-fall on escalator steps at a London tube station.

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Oil & Gas Data Monitoring of Offshore Structure

Offshore platform instrumented with various sensors to transmit wirelessly data to central base for monitoring and management.

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Engineering Services in the Railway

Nprime Ltd provides a complete engineering service from strain gauging to material testing.

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Wind Turbine Operational Monitoring

Upon commissioning the wind turbine for operation, a project to monitor the stresses in different components of the gear box was instigated.

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